Magnets are found in many computers, tablets and digital product accessories.


Our rare earth neodymium magnet system is safe for all tablets or computers using 
solid-state hard drives [SSD] and flash memory.It is also compatible for styli using capacitative or Bluetooth technology. 

NOTE: If your tablet incorporates an active digitizer layer for precision stylus input
(e.g. Wacom technology,) like the Microsoft Surface Pro or the Samsung Galaxy Note,
the magnets may interfere with the stylus input.


After extensive testing with magnets much stronger than those in the BakBone, we've found that only the accuracy of the digital compass [which is entirely unrelated to the Maps app] in some devices is temporarily degraded, requiring more frequent calibration.



 We need better info? Do we need this?…?

Neodymium magnets are the strongest permanent rare earth magnets. Stacking two of them essentially doubles the attraction. Should a finger of your wee one get in between the disks, a hefty pinch will result. 

Also, magnets can adversely affect credit cards, floppy disks, standard hard disk drives, video tapes, cardiac pacing devices and some older display monitors, to name a few technologies. Standard precautions should be attended. 

BakBone assumes no liability for damages to or aberrant behavior of such
devices (or anatomy)