Do not separate the base magnet from the BakBone until it is affixed to the tablet or 
case as described below

If applying to a case or cover, we recommend affixing the Bakbone only to one that is rigid, smooth, and flat, and that tightly adheres to or snugly encases your tablet. Loose, rough, or flexible cases may not bond or perform well with the magnet system, placing your tablet at risk of damage from dropping. Decide where on the tablet or hard case you would like your BakBone. The majority of users choose the center. For tablets or cases with hinges or stands, like the Microsoft Surface RT, centering the base magnet above the kickstand is ideal. Sounds intuitive, but no, we don't recommend affixing the magnet to the touchscreen.

Installation Instructions



the area where you want your tablet handle using the provided alcohol pad.

Allow to dry.



the white liner on the base magnet to expose the grey adhesive.

The adhesive may not affix to uneven, slick or gummy surfaces.

It adheres best directly to the tablet itself.


your BakBone over the dry, cleaned area. 


...(or press) your BakBone onto the tablet for at least a full 5 minutes prior to use to allow the adhesive foam to bond.


You now have a BakBone!

It spins
It's a stand
It's removable
It's fashionable

. MORE .


Removal Instructions

Do not try to quickly pry or "pop off" the magnet as this may damage the tablet or case, especially if the magnet was covering plastic letter or tablet branding. 

Begin by very slowly wedging a thin, stiff, flat surface (example: hotel key, plastic putty knife or spatula – do not use a credit card) between the affixed magnet and the tablet or case. Firmly push this wedge parallel to the tablet until the magnet fully separates from the tablet or case; do not try to pry or pop the magnet off. Use rubbing alcohol or another oil-free solvent to clean off off the adhesive residue from tablet or case.

For assistance, a resupply of magnets or adhesive, or general questions, please contact us.

BakBone llc takes no responsibility for damages to your tablet, case, or cover if these instructions are not followed precisely. The photographs do not replace the written instructions, they are supplied only as a guide.